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Community Access Training Program

The Community Access Training Program provides evidence-based, learning experiences in the community for adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities who have completed high school. The program builds on each participant’s individualized strengths to help them engage in new community experiences, practice social skills, practice independent living skills, and obtain valuable safety skills required to access their community. Els For Autism will maintain a ratio of one staff for every three participants throughout the program.

Els for Autism Community Access Training Program is designed to meet the needs of individuals ready to:
• access the community to practice independent living skills
• engage in group recreational activities within the community
• demonstrate procedures for transportation and pedestrian safety
• demonstrate the ability to make purchases across community locations
• demonstrate safe and socially accepted behaviors in public places
• practice social skills across a variety of community locations

Because the off-campus training program is conducted in the community (i.e. recreation centers, outdoor parks, restaurants, swimming pools, grocery stores), participants should be able to follow simple one-step directions (verbal or visual), use conventional coping strategies to communicate frustration/anger, and have no recent history or incidences of elopement, aggression, or property destruction. Participants must be able to use a public restroom independently. In addition, participants must be able to endure warm weather when commuting to and from the van during hot weather months (this program is not a good fit for individuals that have medical issues related to heat) and participate in group activities outdoors.

2019 Session

March 8 through May 31 | 12-week program
Fridays (no session on April 19th)
10 a.m.– 1 p.m.
$50 registration fee

For more information:

Contact: Michelle Nelson, Job Coach
Phone (office): 561-598-6200