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U Can Employ: Business Development Manager – Full Time

Job summary:

U CAN EMPLOY (UCE) is a consulting and educational service supporting a company (i.e. UCE Partner Employer) eager to successfully recruit, hire, and retain employees on the autism spectrum with the professional guidance and clinical capabilities of the highly qualified consultants at Els for Autism.

The Business Development Manager (BDM) will lead the development, execution, marketing, and delivery of the UCE consulting and education services. The BDM is responsible for assuring the overall quality and effectiveness of all services provided and for the attainment of financial and operational goals. The BDM will lead the recruitment, hiring, and oversight of full time/part time/contracted UCE staff including, but not limited to, Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist, Senior Consulting Coordinator, Employment Support Specialists, and Content Developer for LMS courses. The BDM will package and market the program to local, regional, and national employers. A UCE member networking summit will be organized and executed every 2 years. The BDM will coordinate and lead UCE events. Strong leadership, communication, collaborative, and managerial skills are necessary.

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