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Let’s Plan to Make a Difference Together

When families first learn that their loved one may have a developmental disability, the team at Els for Autism is there to provide encouragement, support, and services. While there is much uncertainty at the moment, Els for Autism remains steadfast in the mission to help people with autism and their families. While you may be […]

Challenge Accepted.

We all are too aware of the challenges of 2020. At Els for Autism, our team is intimately familiar with the struggles families of those with autism have faced. From virtual schooling to lapses in therapies, to job loss–all have added to the stress and uncertainty of 2020. At one point our team did consider […]

Donor Spotlight: The Langenfeld Family

“One thing COVID-19 taught us is that everyone needs a purpose–a place to go.” Randy Langenfeld said. “Being stuck in a house is not a good option for anyone, especially for people with autism.” Now that pandemic restrictions have lifted, the Langenfeld family is grateful to resume their normal routine. Each morning, as their car […]

Upcoming Virtual Conference Offers Education Around Neurodiversity in the Workplace

The Els for Autism Foundation will host the Autism Innovations and Global Impact Conference “Building a Neurodiverse Workforce” on March 12-13, 2021. The conference will provide tools and best practices for businesses or individuals interested in hiring employees with autism spectrum disorder, initiating a neurodiverse workforce program, or expanding an existing program. The day-and-a-half virtual […]

Conference Save The Date

Els for Autism’s ‘Building a Neurodiverse Workforce’ Virtual Conference To Be Held in 2021

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Els for Autism Foundation is pleased to announce they will be hosting the Autism Innovations and Global Impact Conference: Building a Neurodiverse Workforce conference on March 12 & 13, 2021. The objective of the conference is to provide tools and best practices for businesses or individuals interested […]

My Review of the HBO Movie “Temple Grandin”

By Merrick Egber Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most notable of names among autistic self-advocates and one of the earliest examples of somebody explaining their own autism to others in such an eloquent manner. She has written books on the subject, teaches at Colorado University and has done the lecture circuit, from TED […]

Employee Spotlight: Howard Thomas

Howard Thomas has been defying odds since birth. As a newborn, he contracted a rare and life-threatening form of spinal meningitis, which put him in a coma and led doctors to a devastating prognosis, telling his mother that he would be “a vegetable.” Miraculously, Howard not only survived the ordeal but thrived. After graduating with […]

Derrick Freeman

Derrick Freeman is a self-taught artist diagnosed with Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired verbal and non-verbal communication. By age two, he was completely non-verbal and was unable to learn and use language like most children his age. By age three, art became his only form of communication. He learned to express his perceptions […]

A Brief Summary of Housing Options

Many of us wonder what the future holds for our friends and relatives with autism spectrum disorder. Will they stay at home with family? Live independently? Or will they need supports while living elsewhere? While these questions can be stressful to contemplate, there are a growing number of housing options that provide the right environment, […]

Parent Testimonial: Job Coaching

Ever since I first started working with the Foundation, one of the rewarding experiences has been working with Mrs. Shelly Hedge, who may have been the first person I talked to who shared about having an adult son on the spectrum. While her son, Collin, is not a talkative individual, through all of the time […]