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On-Demand Classes

Pre-Recorded Classes

We are excited to be expanding our library of webinars and online classes. These videos are all presented and recorded by the staff at Els for Autism Foundation and are available to access on-demand, wherever you are.
Please note that these videos are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, in Internet Explorer.

Job Development Series

This webinar series takes you through the steps to start your first initial job search. It will discuss how to discover your skills and preferences and how to align them to a job. The webinar also goes into detail about popular job industries and the skills needed for those industries.

Job Development: Conducting a Job Search

Job Development:Finding the Right Job for ME

Job Development: How to Prepare for an Interview

Job Development: Making a Good First Impression

Job Development:Reaction to Not Being Hired

Virtual SALSA

Virtual Salsa is an online, video-based culinary & fitness program. Opportunities for active participation are embedded throughout each presentation. Each session highlights a target a skill necessary for independence in daily living.

Cooking Class: Make a Berry Smoothie & Fitness Fun

Cooking Class: Make a Bean Salad & Fitness Fun

Cooking Class: Make Guacamole & Fitness Fun

Cooking Class: Make a Yogurt Parfait & Fitness Fun


Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is becoming more common as many people try to adjust their schedule to get as much done as possible, and sleep gets sacrificed. When you get less sleep than needed, as many people do, it can eventually lead to a whole host of health problems. This video will give you some important tips on the effects of not getting enough sleep and why it is so important to get a good night’s sleep.
View the class here.