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Dr. Nate Shanok

Dr. Nate Shanok, is the Els For Autism Foundation Clinical Research Assistant. Nate received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University in Experimental Psychology with a focus in Developmental Neuroscience. Nate is currently a doctoral candidate at FAU in Experimental Psychology. His dissertation focuses on the development of a computerized training application designed to lower anxiety in adolescents. He is primarily interested in researching neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, ADHD, anxiety, and depression and using brain activity measures to enable earlier recognition of these conditions and for objectively tracking the effects of various treatments over time. His thesis project focused on the differences in facial emotion recognition abilities of 4-8-year-olds with autism in response to familiar versus unfamiliar individuals.

At Els, he is assisting with the Seaver Els Institute collaborations (large-scale genetic testing and assessing the effects of early intervention using EEG and eye-tracking biomarkers). He is also excited to use research as a means for evaluating the many great services at the Els Center and making this knowledge more available to clinical and scientific communities.



Shanok, N., Brooker Lozott, E., Sotelo, M., & Bearss, K. (2021). Community-based parent-training for disruptive behaviors in children with ASD using synchronous telehealth services: A pilot study. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 88, 101861.

Shanok, N.A., Jones, N.A. & Lucas, N.N. The Nature of Facial Emotion Recognition Impairment in Children on the Autism Spectrum. Child Psychiatry and Human Development (2019).