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Virtual Services Offered at Els for Autism

The Els for Autism Foundation® is proud to offer various virtual programs and services for individuals to access worldwide. Here is the full suite of what we provide virtually to the autism community.

Clinical Services

GOALS (Global Outreach Learning Services)
The GOALS program allows families worldwide to access a highly qualified transdisciplinary team of professionals (e.g., Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapist, and Music Therapist). Using a train-the-trainer approach, these professionals work together to develop unique and individualized programs for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Since we offer global outreach, we can support families virtually if they cannot travel to South Florida. Remote features include video conferencing support, training, and monitoring.

Individual Speech-Language Therapy
Provides individuals with access to speech, language, and a means to communicate their wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings. The objective is to optimize an individual’s communication ability, thereby improving quality of life.

RUBI (Research Units in Behavioral Intervention) Parent Training – Group and Individual
Many children with autism exhibit behavioral problems, including tantrums, noncompliance, aggression, and self-injury. These behaviors may not only hinder the individual’s ability to learn but may also amplify caregiver stress. The RUBI Autism Network Parent Training program teaches parents to use applied behavior analysis techniques to manage their child’s challenging behaviors and to teach new skills. This training program is suggested for parents with children ages 3 – 11.

The program includes 11 one-on-one In-Person or Telehealth Sessions. As part of the program, you will receive:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis education sessions
  • Development of a behavior support plan specific to your child’s needs
  • Direct guidance and feedback regarding your child’s behaviors
  • A RUBI Autism Network Training Parent Handbook

Mental Health Counseling
Counseling services are available to individuals and families needing mental health support. Individual and group counseling services, offered both in-person and via telehealth, are designed to address challenges related to being a person with or a family member of someone with autism and other co-morbid diagnoses (e.g., depression, anxiety, social isolation, obsessive-compulsive disorder/behaviors).

Parent Group Counseling
Identifying Self-Care Techniques for Parents of Individuals with ASD is a virtual counseling group for parents to come together to share stories and experiences about their lives and identify strategies for their own self-care.

Adult Mental Health Counseling Group
The Counseling Group for Adults with Autism meets on Zoom weekly to address the challenges an adult with autism can face. Our Licensed Mental Health Counselor asks for a weekly check-up and provides valuable support materials to the group.

Teen Mental Health Counseling Group
The Els for Autism Connections’ Teen Mental Health Counseling Group meets weekly to go over the challenges that the teenage population with autism faces. The Licensed Mental Health Counselor will facilitate the Zoom room for the Counseling Group with fun activities designed to destress the teenage clients in the program.

Sam’s Sibs Stick Together Room (Found Under Mental Health Counseling Services)
Sam’s Sibs Stick Together Room is a sibling support group addressing the needs of siblings of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. The group is led by an Els for Autism Clinical Team Member. Sam’s Sibs Stick Together Room provides a safe space for siblings to connect, gain support, access mentorship, express their thoughts and feelings, and discuss critical issues related to each participant’s experiences as a sibling to someone with special needs. The minimum number of participants to run each group is five. Spots are limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Recreation Services

Connections Club
Connections Club is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to interact with peers in a safe and supportive environment using video conferencing technology while practicing social and communication skills. Els for Autism staff members facilitate meetings, providing support and guidance so individuals of all abilities can actively participate in the group. Each session will follow a schedule, including a welcome/introduction, a review of expectations, a stretching routine, fun facts, and various discussion topics, games, and activities.

Ernie Els #GameON Autism® Sports Programs
Through the Ernie Els #GameON Autism® Sports Programs, staff strive to spread autism awareness around the globe. By educating professionals in sports and recreation on how to teach people with autism, Els for Autism is changing the culture of sports and recreation. People with autism are beginning to feel welcomed and included to participate in recreational activities, go to public places, and even take lessons or group classes with their local sports professionals.

Are you interested in bringing this program to your community? The Els for Autism offers various opportunities to become an Official Program Provider.

Hybrid Yoga
* To learn how to participate in our virtual yoga class, email Greg Connors at
Yoga for individuals with special needs enhances stamina, flexibility, and strength in a fun, motivating, and social environment. Accompanied by calming music, classes include warmup and breathing exercises, cardio routines, developmentally appropriate and energizing yoga poses, and relaxation techniques to improve health and promote well-being and bodily awareness.

Social Group for Adults with Autism

The Spoken Wheel Society
The Spoken Wheel Society is a program for adults with autism looking to make friends and engage with their peer community. Every Friday, outside of the second Friday of the month, members meet virtually on Zoom to connect and play a game. For the On-Campus Meetings, for every second Friday of the month, there will be a virtual component so that the remote members can still join in on the fun!

Spectrum Book Club
The Spectrum Book Club is designed for individuals ages 18 and older with autism or developmental disabilities who enjoy exploring the world of literature. Participants do not need to own a copy of the book. Participants can see the story during the meeting, and Els for Autism staff will facilitate the group. Participants may take an active role as a reader during the meeting or choose to listen to their peers. At the end of each session, staff will lead the group in a discussion and Q&A.