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Employment Programs

Work Experience Program

Els for Autism Foundation offers a 16-week Work Experience Program (8-weeks in two different departments at the host site) to prepare adults seeking employment in the local municipality, healthcare, or hospitality industries. The Work Experience training program allows participants with developmental disabilities ages 18+ who have completed high school, to learn industry-specific work-skills and demonstrate their ability to add value to core business operations. Participants must have the goals to seek paid employment and to work independently at the completion of the community-based work experience program.

Work Experience Program Partners:

PGA National LogoTown of Jupiter           Jupiter Medical Center


Work Experience Program – Facilities Management 

Download the Work Experience Program brochure 

View the Eligibility Requirements here

View the Application & Enrollment Process here

For more information on the Work Experience Program:
Contact: Trudi Zayac, MSW/MA
Director of Adult Services
Phone: 561-320-9521

Vocational Rehabilitation

Els for Autism is a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provider for Employment Services and all participants must be VR customers. Once participants complete the training program, Foundation staff work with community employers to secure paid employment positions.  Those looking to pursue post-secondary education, with the use of funding from Vocational Rehabilitation, should complete their education before participating in the Work Experience Program.

For more information on Vocational Rehabilitation:
Contact Howard Thomas, Employment Coordinator
Phone: 561-598-6200, ext. 2059


Employment Enhancement Program (EEP)

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) has received special appropriation for the past four years to provide supported employment services to individuals on the APD Waiting List to find and maintain competitive employment and participate in meaningful internships that have a high likelihood of resulting in competitive employment.

The Legislature and Governor appropriated $900,000 to APD for FY 2019/20 to provide supported employment services to individuals who are on the APD Waiting List who would like to work.

For each person who participates as a job seeker in the Employment Enhancement Project (EEP), APD will allocate funds to provide the following services: Supported Employment coaching to secure a good job match; Supported Employment follow-along services to help retain the job; assistance with transportation needed for work and securing paid internships as pathways to competitive employment.

Individuals meeting the criteria in any Florida county may be considered for participation in the EEP. The intent is for APD, local school districts, local work force career centers, and other collaborating agencies and organizations to work together to assist young adults who are leaving school, and others who are currently on the APD Waiting List, to secure competitive employment.

We anticipate having another very successful year of the EEP!