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Safety First!

While too often we are notified of tragic events happening on school campuses across the U.S., the Foundation staff have been putting plans into place to manage unplanned events should one ever arise.  These events can come in many forms, natural events such as hurricanes and tornadoes or man-made events such as an intent to cause injury or disrupt operations.

The Foundation has been working diligently with the schools, law enforcement and many other organizations to establish safety plans which include campus evacuation, safety equipment, internal and external communication systems, and campus-wide training.  Our campus-wide Emergency Response Team is in place with key members from the Foundation, The Learning Center and The Learning Academy.

If we were to ever experience a worst-case scenario, the Foundation staff has developed a Campus Safety Crisis Counseling Plan, identifying both internal and external counseling support teams whereby counseling would be offered in individual, family, groups, classroom monitoring and/or education session for staff and families.

With our safety measures in place, we can react to most any type of an event with intelligence and awareness, in-place staff assignments, and a process for every individual on the campus to follow.