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Thank you for your interest in the Els for Autism® Volunteer Program!

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a volunteer.  Volunteers are an essential part of our programs, events, and all our endeavors designed to transform the lives of people with autism and those who care for them.  Whether you need community service hours, you are looking for a group teambuilding activity, you are retired and looking for something fulfilling to do, or you have a specialized skill you would like to share, we have a large variety of volunteer options.  Let us help matchmake you into your dream volunteer position.

The first step is to contact:
Karen Roberts, email: | phone: 561-625-8264  or complete this volunteer form

Active volunteers please log your hours here.

Our Executive Director says:

“Our volunteers are incredible contributors, they make a positive and measurable impact.”
– Dr. Marlene Sotelo, Executive Director, Els for Autism


Our Volunteers say:


“There is not just one reason why I volunteer. My mother was a professional volunteer and I am following in her footsteps – it’s in my DNA. I also volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem and as a mentor to an 11 year old boy. Giving back and helping people brings joy to the world. I have a great rapport with the Els for Autism Adult Day Program clients, and it is a wonderful thing when they tell me they’ve missed me when I am not there.”  – Keith Kleinick, Sea of Possibilities, Microbusiness Volunteer




“I come in once a week and help with the Sea of Possibilities art program. I think it’s a fantastic program where everybody gets to play a part in creating beautiful pieces to sell. I love seeing all the different, wonderful things they make, and to see everyone enjoying their time.”  – Lucy Uhler, Sea of Possibilities Microbusiness Volunteer



“I chose to volunteer at The Els Center of Excellence so that I could get out of my comfort zone and work on expanding my skill set as a person. But most importantly because I love helping others. What that grew into is a real passion for the Center and a deep respect for all those involved in it.” –
Davis Dickinson, College Freshman, Golf and Summer Camp Volunteer


“My volunteer experience with the Els for Autism Foundation started 13 years ago as an employee at SAP.  I supported Steve Peck who at that time was a founding Co-Chair of the Golf Challenge.  I have been blessed to volunteer ever since.  It is amazing to see how the schools and the level of support for the Foundation have grown over the years.  I love to see how many families’ lives have been enriched through, not just the schools, but the many programs they offer.  Els for Autism Foundation is ‘Best in Class’ and very well-run which is why I proudly support them.” – Angel Azat, Executive Assistant, SAP, Els for Autism Golf Challenge Volunteer

“I have been working with individuals with ASD in Brazil for many years as an Occupational Therapist, with a passion to be with children and provide quality of life and well-being! When I had the opportunity to move to Florida, I found out about Els for Autism through some friends. It is a great pleasure to exchange experiences with such a nice team! I will continue next year, as it is something that fulfills me as a professional and a human being.” – Adriana Farinas, Occupational Therapist, Adult Day Training program, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, and Kickball Volunteer