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The Three Areas of Focus

Els for Autism Foundation® staff conducts research to assess methods, pedagogy, and technologies to improve socially significant behaviors for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Research methodology may include direct measurement of observed behavior or an analysis of qualitative or quantitative data.  The goals of this research are the dissemination of the findings to the greater autism community and the application of identified interventions with individuals with ASD through the lifespan.

Identification and Intervention

Els for Autism Foundation staff will continue to pursue research related to:

The use of technology-aided evidence-based practices. This research will focus on identifying effective strategies, models of delivery and an expansion of the existing research.
Improving and developing language/social communication interventions. This research focus includes interventions designed to target parent education and training as well as interventions which target individuals with ASD directly.

Sports & Fitness Therapies

Els for Autism Foundation staff will conduct research to support the development of therapeutic recreational services and interventions. This line of research will seek to expand on the existing literature on emerging interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) including exercise and music therapy.  Specifically, one goal of this line of research is to establish the efficacy of golf instruction through the Ernie Els #GameOn Autism® Golf program. In addition, we are launching a pilot for Ernie Els #GameOn Autism Fitness, an innovative, family supportive, research-based fitness and wellness program for individuals with ASD.

Interventions on Adults

In order to maximize learning, social, and employment outcomes for adults with ASD, it is the goal of the Els for Autism Foundation research team to extend the literature existing on evidence-based practices to individuals age 22 and older.