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Behavior Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of learning and behavior to bring about changes in behavior that are socially significant. For individuals diagnosed with autism, ABA strategies and techniques can lead to improvements in communication (i.e., verbal behavior), social relationships, adaptive and daily living skills, play skills, academic abilities, and employment tasks.

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Family Empowerment Scholarship (Previously Gardiner) – Step Up For Students

Spring Into Action: Early Intensive Behavior Intervention Classroom

All procedures and interventions utilized by Spring Into Action will be evidenced based. The National Standards Project reviewed the available research for a multitude of interventions and compiled a comprehensive list of the treatments available for individuals with autism. Spring Into Action will only use those treatments that have been characterized as “established” according to the National Standards Report. In order for a treatment to be considered as established, it must have been thoroughly researched and have sufficient evidence to confidently state that these treatments are in fact effective for children with autism. The Spring Into Action program will specifically use a Comprehensive Behavioral Treatment for Young Children (CBTYC).  This program is an early intervention service for children up to age 7 years 11 months. The key components to CBTYC are:

  • Intense services based on applied behavior analysis (e.g., the use of discrete trial and incidental teaching, error-less learning, and shaping)
  • Measurement to assess the effectiveness of the program
  • Services provided across a variety of settings
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Focus on the core symptoms of autism
  • Written guidance through treatment manuals and other materials

The Spring Into Action program will incorporate each of these elements into the program to create the most comprehensive early intervention program possible.

Contact: Dr. Erin Brooker Lozott, BCBA-D, CCC-SLP, Program Director
Phone: 561-598-6200

Spring Into Action: Complementary Services

Complementary Services can include:

For questions on Spring Into Action: Complementary Services:

Contact: Dr. Erin Brooker Lozott, BCBA-D, CCC-SLP, Program Director


RUBI Parent Training

Els for Autism Foundation® staff certified RUBI Therapist offering the RUBI Autism Network Parent Training:

Dr. Erin Brooker Lozott, BCBA-D, CCC-SLP

Children with autism exhibit challenging behaviors that may impact learning and social interactions. The RUBI Autism Network parent training program teaches parents to use applied behavior analysis techniques to manage their child’s challenging behaviors and to teach new skills. The Els for Autism Foundation organization is currently accepting families into the RUBI parent training program. As part of the program you will receive:

  • 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis education sessions
  • Development of a behavior support plan specific to your child’s needs
  • Direct guidance and feedback regarding your child’s behaviors

The program is composed of 11 core sessions. Additional supplemental sessions may be added for specific challenging behaviors (e.g., feeding, sleeping and toileting).

The RUBI Parent Training Program Webinar
Dr. Karen Bearss, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor, Seattle Children’s Autism Center; Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington

Contact: Dr. Erin Brooker Lozott, BCBA-D, CCC-SLP
Phone: 561-598-6200


EIBI, RUBI Partner:

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