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Artist Showcase in the Pavilion

Virtual Showcase Featured Artist: Victor Bevanda

Artist Biography

Viktor Bevanda is a 12-year-old with incredible artistic abilities.  He was born in Serbia and immigrated to the United States in 2018.  He began drawing when he was two or three years old, but his parents really took notice of his talent closer to age five.  That was also the age when Viktor was diagnosed with autism.   Viktor is semi-verbal, but his limitations in comprehension and verbal expression do not at all impair his ability to communicate through art.  In fact, Viktor has become a bit of a social media sensation with tens of thousands of followers on various social media platforms and millions of “likes.”

As with many kids, his drawings over the years have been largely influenced by the cartoon characters he watched on TV.  Then at the height of the pandemic in 2020, Viktor’s mother who homeschools her kids decided to try something new.  “I wanted to see if I could channel his art into different directions, so I presented several pictures and asked him to choose one to draw.  The result was a miracle on paper,” she said.  “What’s also amazing is how effortlessly, nearly automatically he makes strokes and selects colors without hesitation or second-thoughts.”

Today, Viktor primarily works in oil pastels and his use of color is absolutely brilliant.   His subject matter is quite varied including landscapes, underwater scenes, portraits and nautical themes, but his whimsical animal art is most prolific.   In an interview with WPTV of Palm Beach, Viktor’s brother summed things up quite well by saying, “He sees a much more beautiful world than we do.”  We could not agree more and are thrilled to include two of Viktor’s designs in our company launch.

Known for his bold colors and high energy paintings Viktor has created a signature style.

Viktor’s works are characterized by bright colors, confident moves, details, improvisations and freedom of expression.

Website and Social Media:

Virtual Art Gallery

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About the Artist Showcase in the Pavilion

Would you like to become a featured artist in the Artist Showcase?  Each quarter the Foundation will feature a new artist in the Pavilion, located at The Els Center of Excellence®, 18370 Limestone Creek Road, Jupiter, FL.  The Pavilion is used as a multipurpose classroom/studio for art shows, events and other gatherings.


  • The artwork is from an artist with special needs or supporting special needs
  • 12 or more pieces of art to display
  • The artist can visit three times during the quarter the artwork is displayed
  • Please note that the artist is responsible for the transit of the artwork to and from the gallery.

For consideration, please submit sample artwork images and the artist bio to:

Contact: Merrick Egber, Communications Specialist

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