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Work Experience Program | Eligibility Criteria

The Els for Autism Foundation® offers a 10-week Work Experience Program to prepare adults seeking employment in the local municipality, healthcare, or hospitality industries.

Eligibility Criteria

The Work Experience training program allows participants with developmental disabilities ages 18+ who have completed high school, to learn industry-specific work-skills and demonstrate their ability to add value to core business operations.

Els For Autism® will maintain a ratio of 1 staff for every 4 participants throughout the program. The Els for Autism staff will remain on the work site property, but will not be working continuously in an individual’s department or immediate area.  

Because the off-campus training program is conducted in a place of business, participants need to be able to follow simple one-step directions (verbal or visual), adhere to safety protocols set forth by the worksite and program staff, use conventional coping strategies to communicate frustration/anger, and have no previous history or incidences of elopement, property destruction, or physical aggression towards self or others.  Participants must be able to use a public (multi-stall) restroom independently without assistance or supervision.  Those that need support in the areas outlined above, will not meet the eligibility criteria for this program.

View the Application & Enrollment Process here.