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Work Experience Program | Application and Enrollment Process


Stage One
Learn about the Els for Autism Foundation® Work Experience Program to determine if there is an interest to participate in the program. Adult Services Manager
Stage Two
The Els for Autism Foundation Application Form needs to be completed and uploaded to the Foundation’s electronic medical record (EMR) system prior to the Intake Assessment. Instructions on how to do this will be provided. Adult Services Manager
Stage Three
Intake Assessment Scheduled
The Employment Coordinator and Case Manager will schedule the Intake Assessment and review a list of documents that will need to be prepared. Employment Coordinator and Case Manager
Stage Four
Preparation of Documents
Documents will need to be prepared by the participant and uploaded to the applicant’s EMR system portal or brought to the Intake Assessment.  Please see a list of required documents below. Employment  Coordinator
Stage Five
Intake Assessment
The Employment Coordinator and Case Manager will review the applicant’s employment history; level of support required for community activities, safety, and daily living skills; and access to community resources. Employment Coordinator and Case Manager
Stage Six
Intake and Document Review
All documents will be reviewed, and eligibility will be determined.  If eligible, participant will move to the next stage. Adult Services Manager
Stage Seven
Situational Assessment
A Situational Assessment will be scheduled and completed to inform the program recommendation.  Job Coach
Stage Eight
Acceptance Process
After all the information is reviewed by the Els for Autism staff, the participant and family will be notified of the program recommendation. Adult Services Manager
Stage Nine
Upon agreement of the program, the participant will receive registration paperwork and an orientation schedule for the program based on the results of the assessment and program eligibility. Adult Services Manager
Stage Ten
Participants will receive information on their program orientation.  Orientation must be attended prior to beginning the program. Adult Services Manager
Stage Eleven
Progress Review
Mid and post meetings are scheduled with families to discuss progress towards the program goals. Employment Coordinator and Case Manager
Desired Outcome After Completion of the Program
Once participants complete the training program, Foundation staff work with community employers to secure paid employment positions. Employment Coordinator and Job Coaches
Document List for the Intake Assessment may include:
  1. Psychological assessment and/or most recent Individualized Education Program (IEP) specifying a diagnosis of AS and/or a developmental disability
  2. Resume with education and work history
  3. Vocational Evaluation (if applicable)
  4. Physician’s paperwork indicating any relevant medical history (i.e. seizures, etc.)
  5. Behavior Plan (if any)

View the Eligibility Requirements Here.