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30 Quotes from 30 People with Autism – The Sequel!

Sue Abramowski – Human Services Professional, Advisory Board Member

“The world needs all kinds of minds, we’re not all meant to be cookie cutters.”

Jessica-Jane Applegate – Professional Swimmer

“Ignore what anyone has to say. If you believe that you can, you can do it”

Rachel Barcellona – Pageant Professional, Autism Spectrum Award Winner 2017

“I show people that I can do anything despite my disability. Be yourself no matter what, and don’t let others define who you are.”

Andrew Blitman – Tutor and Mentor – Firewalls Centers, Advisory Board Member

“Asperger Syndrome
– Autism –
As I may have it,
Is a developmental disorder
That affects the way
People grow up
And neurologically.
We are, in most situations,
Completely intact intellectually.”

Everett Borislow – Morning Receptionist, DJ – Els for Autism Foundation

“I would say that my executive functioning is both a blessing and a curse. It can help or hurt in a way.”

Dani Bowman – Head of DaniMation Studios – an Animation Company

“English is my 2nd language. Autism is my first”

Gyasi Burks-Abbott – Writer, Public Speaker, Organizationalist, 2022 Autism Spectrum Award Winner, Advisory Board Member

“In ASD success is a spectrum. You don’t need to be an inventor, author to be a success story.”

Tracey Cohen –Marathon Runner

“Despite societal norms, every individual, on and off the autism spectrum is unique. These differences should be celebrated, not feared or ridiculed. And despite these uniqueness’s, we are all really much more similar than we are different.”

Joshua ‘Deersey’ Deer – Assistant Equipment Manager at Lone Star Brahmas/NA3HL Texas Brahmas, 2015 Els for Autism Spectrum Award Winner

“As a golf instructor, I wanted to teach kids with no disabilities as well as kids on the autism spectrum to help them understand the different areas of the game of golf, so that the kids could become good golfers and I can help them with their talents. And for the kids on the autism spectrum, I work hard to give them the passion for the game of golf just like me”

Mike DiMauro – UberEats Driver, Advisory Board Member

“A person with ASD should be in a community that is loved, kind and with the encouragement to succeed.”

Merrick Egber – Communications Specialist – Els for Autism Foundation, Chair of the Advisory Board

“I was born with this, an integral part of my personality, but I will say that whenever you are down, I possibly will feel down with you, and whenever I feel up, I will feel up with you.”

Carly Fulgham – Technology Project Lead – National Bank, President of Autism Society of America

“When we’re desperate for oxygen, we all look the same.”

Dr. Temple Grandin – Professor of Animal Husbandry, Colorado State University.

“The world needs all kinds of minds”

Nick Hine – Royal Navy Second Sea Lord

“I am extremely focused, I love solving problems and finding the most efficient way to do things. I am excellent at making rational decisions based on data. I don’t ‘trust my gut’ – I need evidence before I make any decision. I have always been very honest and frank in my style of communication and have a relentless drive to find outcomes. Being in a nuclear submarine with no windows and very few distractions was the perfect place for me. I could just focus on my job.”

Anthony Ianni – Center – Michigan State Spartans, Motivational Speaker

“Remember we are all different in many ways, but in the end we are all the same because we are created equally and we ARE all people.”

Jim Hogan – Chief Innovation Evangelist & Accessibility Leader – Google, 2020 Autism Spectrum Award Winner

“When I say “I feel like I belong at Google,” that doesn’t mean that every day is my best day ever. There are things that happen here that can be very hard on people. Performance reviews can be humiliating, just because two people may not see the world the same way. The best advice I give to managers is to lead with their hearts – if there’s a problem, don’t cast people out, try to understand them. If you lead others with your heart, their outcomes will probably be supercharged.”

Adam Jones – Barn Attendant at Madison Fields, Autism Spectrum Award Winner 2018, Advisory Board Member

“It takes a whole community to help someone with ASD. It takes everyone as a whole.”

Dr. Kerry Magro – National Speaker, 2022 Autism Spectrum Award Winner, Advisory Board Member

“ASD doesn’t come with an instruction guide. It sometimes comes with a family that never gives up.”

Billy Mayfair – Professional Golfer

“I know it’s helped my game, and it explains why sometimes I am that athlete that can really focus better than other people and other golfers did. Of course, I used to think that was normal, but I know now that this helped me in that way.”

Gloria Mendoza – SAP S/4HANA Technical Quality Manager, 2016 Els for Autism Spectrum Award Winner

“Probably the best part about working {At the SAP Autism At Work Program} is that I can use the skills which I have studied whilst being among people that understand who I am and how I’m different from everybody else,”

Haley Moss – Attorney, Autism Spectrum Award Winner 2019

“I want to see a world where people with disabilities achieving things is a norm rather than an exception. It isn’t a surprise when you see a person with autism practicing law or doing something amazing in the world.”

Wentworth Miller – Actor ‘Prison Break’, ‘The Flash’

“This isn’t something I’d change … immediately being autistic is central to who I am. To everything I’ve achieved/articulated.”

Paul Morris – Assistant, New York Medical College of Human Resources – Advisory Board Member

“When I was a little boy I didn’t know I was different. I did not know how to handle friends. I was non-verbal till age 5. I had to be taught how to speak, how to listen, how to think. The years were hard. Sometimes I just didn’t understand, but look at me now!”

Elon Musk – Entrepreneur and Business Magnate

“I found it rewarding to spend all night programing computers, just by myself. Most people don’t enjoy typing strange symbols into a computer by themselves all night. They think that’s not fun. But I really liked it.”

Gary Numan – Solo Artist ‘Cars’

“You know, they talk about Asperger’s people as being obsessive, as if that’s a bad thing. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it gives you skills, which in certain professions are incredibly useful, and I don’t know if I would be here without them, I don’t know if I’d have the drive.”

Isabelle Piwnicki – Retail Associate – Girl AGain, Operations Assistant – Sephora, 2021 Autism Spectrum Award Winner

“I was diagnosed with autism when I was two and a half. I have been dancing since I was 8 because dancing allows me to not only live but also to be myself with the freedom to be me.”

Alex Plank – CEO – Wrong Planet, LLC

“Social Skills stories…don’t work….The best way to learn social skills is through trial and error.”


Katie Santoro – Medicare Clinical Note Reader – Cardinal Health, Organizationalist, Advisory Board Member

“The world should know that just because one is verbal and has a job, they still have challenges. Please recognize and respect our challenges.”

Ron Sandison – Professor of Theology at Destiny School of Ministry. Advisory Board Member.

“My dad at first told me, don’t tell people about your disabilities. Let them see your gifts and focus on those. But it was actually the disability in me sharing that where people were able to connect. Every person has some weakness or some limitation, but our limitations are a good thing because they make us an expert in other areas or areas that we’re stronger in. As we use our strengths, we compensate for our weaknesses.”

Dr. Stephen Shore – Clinical Assistant Professor of Special Education – Adelphi University, Board of Directors at Autism Speaks, Advisory Board Member

“Autism is really more of a difference to be worked with rather than a monolithic enemy that needs to be slain or destroyed.”

Dr. Vernon Smith – Experimental Economist, Professor of Economics – Chapman University

“Perhaps even more importantly, I don’t have any trouble thinking outside the box. I don’t feel any social pressure to do things the way other people are doing them, professionally, and so I have been more open to different ways of looking at a lot of the problems in economics.”

Armani Williams – Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, NASCAR Driver  

“I was diagnosed with autism when I was 2 years old, but I didn’t know until I was older. It was around the time I was heading into middle school that my parents told me. It immediately made me think back on all of the experiences that I had as a young child. That’s when it started to make sense for me. Once I could put all those memories together, that’s when I realized just what it meant to be on the autism spectrum.”

James A. Williams – Philanthropist, Pianist

“If you want to be a musician, a desire or passion needs to be relevant or a self-interest. Find what your likes and tastes are regards to the music that appeals to you; find enjoyment and strive to learn, push yourself, and reward your progress. Communicate with instructors about what you want from learning and/or find ways to learn what works for your needs.”

Connor B. Sturgis – Philanthropist, Customer Services – Publix, Advisory Board Member

“People with ASD have jobs and can buy a house, it just takes us a little longer to get there but we can do it.”