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Category: Blog

Conference Save The Date

Els for Autism’s ‘Building a Neurodiverse Workforce’ Virtual Conference To Be Held in 2021

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Els for Autism Foundation is pleased to announce they will be hosting the Autism Innovations and Global Impact Conference: Building a Neurodiverse Workforce conference on March 12 & 13, 2021. The objective of the conference is to provide tools and best practices for businesses or individuals interested […]

My Review of the HBO Movie “Temple Grandin”

By Merrick Egber Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most notable of names among autistic self-advocates and one of the earliest examples of somebody explaining their own autism to others in such an eloquent manner. She has written books on the subject, teaches at Colorado University and has done the lecture circuit, from TED […]

Employee Spotlight: Howard Thomas

Howard Thomas has been defying odds since birth. As a newborn, he contracted a rare and life-threatening form of spinal meningitis, which put him in a coma and led doctors to a devastating prognosis, telling his mother that he would be “a vegetable.” Miraculously, Howard not only survived the ordeal but thrived. After graduating with […]

A Brief Summary of Housing Options

Many of us wonder what the future holds for our friends and relatives with autism spectrum disorder. Will they stay at home with family? Live independently? Or will they need supports while living elsewhere? While these questions can be stressful to contemplate, there are a growing number of housing options that provide the right environment, […]

Parent Testimonial: Job Coaching

Ever since I first started working with the Foundation, one of the rewarding experiences has been working with Mrs. Shelly Hedge, who may have been the first person I talked to who shared about having an adult son on the spectrum. While her son, Collin, is not a talkative individual, through all of the time […]


The Belief That Everyone has a Voice: The History of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

From Rain Man and Temple Grandin, to Atypical and The Good Doctor, Hollywood’s portrayal of a person with autism is often someone who communicates their wants and needs verbally. However, anyone with a familiarity with autism knows that there is an often-misunderstood population of autistic individuals who cannot communicate verbally or communicate effectively on their own. For many years, it was assumed […]

Now Accepting Autism Spectrum Award Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Autism Spectrum Award!  The Els for Autism Spectrum Award honors an individual with autism spectrum disorder who has shined a positive light on autism through his/her character, positive attitude, and contribution. The 2020 winner will be honored at the Els for Autism Golf Challenge Grand Finale. Nomination Criteria:  […]


Mental Health and Autism

by Merrick Egber It is important to know that everybody in this world has different struggles that they deal with, whether it be stress, anxiety, depression, mental illness, a disability, etc. Even people who look to be the most invulnerable have had to struggle. Even if you think that you’re alone, there is always someone […]

Visual Supports For #GameON AUTISM™ Golf Program

Here are resources for you to use when teaching your child golf: Station Signs Rules to Remember SocialStory Schedule Cut Outs FullSwing CommentingBoard For more #GameON AUTISM™ Golf resources, visit our Resource Library.   What are Visual Supports? Visual supports are concrete cues that provide information about an activity, routine, or expectation and/or support skill […]

Q&A with Megan Weinberger

By Merrick Egber   Megan Weinberger, President of Rescue Life, an animal shelter organization, has played a vital role in the implementation of two of the Foundation’s new programs: The Adult Day Training (ADT) Program and Canine Connections. Through the ADT Program, autistic adults go into the community to learn new skills and practice old […]