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Category: Blog

Work Experience Program Graduate Highlight: Erik Mollengarden

Erik Mollengarden started working as an Image Verifier at CAI, a purpose-driven business technology services firm, in December 2020. His favorite part of the job is working from home, where he uses computer software to process images of license plates from major highways for violations invoicing. Together, Els for Autism and CAI fight to head […]

Roots and Ruts 5K

Roots & Ruts 5K Promotes Autism Acceptance and Inclusion

On April 24, 2021, Els for Autism Foundation hosted more than 300 runners and walkers in the second annual Roots & Ruts Off-Road 5K to celebrate Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. The race route went through the North Jupiter Flatwoods, along a certified autism-friendly trail. Participants of all ages and abilities started the race in waves based […]

Celebrating Rock Stars in the Autism Community for Autism Awareness Month

Celebrating Our Rock Stars of Autism For Autism Awareness Month! Each year, the Els for Autism Foundation holds “Awe in Autism”, a live showcase of individuals with autism with a variety of special talents.  The event is held at The Els Center of Excellence, however, due to safety measures in place for COVID-19, we’re highlighting […]

30 Quotes from 30 People with Autism

By Merrick Egber   John Elder Robison – Author, ‘Look Me In The Eye: My Life with Asperger’s’ “I don’t want to be a genius or a freak or something on display. I wish for empathy and compassion from those around me, and I appreciate sincerity, clarity, and logicality in other people. I believe most […]

A Summarized History of Autism

By Merrick Egber In celebration of Autism Awareness Month in 2017, I wrote a thought-provoking and revelatory three-part series about the history of autism. For this month’s blog post, I decided to summarize what I learned in writing that series. The first person to coin the term ‘autism,’ which comes from the Greek word ‘autos’ or […]

The Building A Neurodiverse Workforce Conference

Els for Autism Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Marlene Sotelo, would like to personally invite you to the Autism Innovations and Global Impact Conference — Building a Neurodiverse Workforce, a virtual conference hosted by the Els for Autism Foundation and sponsored by the Shanken Family Foundation. This conference will provide tools and best practices, as well […]

2020 – The Year of Living Virtually 

By Merrick Egber 2020 has been quite a year for us all at the Els for Autism Foundation, especially with the COVID-19 crisis, but we’ve been able to show that our model of success is through positive messaging and adaptations. Here is our 2020 at a glance. Our experience with digital conferencing platforms pre-pandemic allowed […]