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Staying Active Over Winter Break

With the holidays comes the long holiday break, during which your child might get bored. Our recreation services team has some ideas to keep your child active during the break.

Holiday Light Walks:
This is a great way for the family to be outside and explore all the beautiful holiday decorations in your neighborhood. Bring some holiday music along to really get into the festivities.

Scavenger Hunt:
Find a template online or create your own! Help your child navigate a scavenger hunt around the home to encourage movement and fun. Using both pictures and words for their scavenger hunt checklist will be effective and promote independence.

Make it a Family Activity:
Involving the entire family in active and healthy lifestyle activities will encourage participation and an interest in exercise and movement. Involving others and watching friends and family do something together is highly motivating and can create a safe and encouraging environment to try new things.

Explore a New Park:
Take your bike or a comfortable pair of shoes and go exploring! Creating or reading a social story before visiting a new place can help your child know what to expect, reducing anxiety or aversion and promoting confidence and curiosity.

Build a SandMan:
We might not have snow, but you can still build a jolly SandMan at the beach! Sand can be a wonderful sensory element, which we have in abundance. Whether in small buckets in your backyard or at the beach, bringing holiday themes to sensory toys and materials can be a great way to keep moving and stay engaged during the holiday season.

Involve Your Child in the Little Things:
The holidays can be filled with baking, decorating, wrapping presents, and more. Offer opportunities for your child to get involved to boost their confidence, learn life skills, and stay active during the holidays. For a more enjoyable experience for everyone, checklists and step-by-step instructions can help map out a new activity and help your child know what comes next.

Pay it Forward:
Over the holidays, there are many ways to give back to the community. Volunteering with your child or taking steps to make someone’s day is great for everyone!

Make Your Own Ice Skating Experience:
Using paper plates on the bottom of your shoes is a great way to simulate skating in the home and is not as cold!

Set a Goal with a Prize:
Whether it’s completing a certain number of workouts or taking a certain number of walks, set a goal with a fun prize to reward your child once the goal is met. A daily, weekly, or monthly challenge is a great way to integrate exercise into your day and stay active throughout winter break!