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International Volunteer Day

December 5 is International Volunteer Day. We are thankful for all our volunteers, who serve in many ways. This past year, 130 individuals volunteered a total of 2,272 hours to support Els for Autism®. Our recent podcast interviewed Bobby and Christy Banker who volunteer in the Ernie Els #GameON Autism® Golf Program. 

Another way individuals serve is in our microbusiness Sea of Possibilities, which has adults in the Adult Day Training Program (ADT) learn employment and vocational skills through product creation with assistance from staff in our Adult Services Department and our volunteers who serve as artist assistants. 

Leann Doll is a regular in the Sea of Possibilities workshop volunteering her time to help the Sea of Possibilities crew create a variety of ocean-themed art projects using materials from the beach, such as shells, driftwood, coral, sand, and sea glass. Items are sold online, in several gift shops, and at local events, including the Gardens GreenMarket. 

Leann enjoys volunteering with Sea of Possibilities because she gets to see first-hand the creativity and pride of the clients making the projects. She says it truly “fills my soul,” helping them put the finishing touches on their art pieces. One of her favorite products made in the Sea of Possibilities workshop is the large jewelry dishes because each one is unique and very functional.  Leann says our campus is a very special place with everyone very encouraging and welcoming. 

We have still positions open for volunteers, and as we grow, our positions and the roles and responsibilities tied to them will grow and diversify.

Visit our website to learn more, as to how to get involved: