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Gregory Chabollah

Autistic Woodworker, A Story about Gregory Chabollah

In 1998 when Gregory Chabollah was age three, he was diagnosed with a form of autism called the Pervasive Development Disorder not otherwise specified or PDD-NOS.  The diagnosis was estimated to impact one in every ten thousand children. “Growing up as a child was very difficult for Gregory and his family.” Gregory’s mother, Michelle said.

Various specialists said that Gregory would not be able to do certain things like speak, properly feed, or dress himself.  The specialist advised he be taken home to get love and support from his family. With the support of his family, Gregory did not let that diagnosis define his life. He has been able to accomplish much more than what was predicted for him when he took an interest in woodworking and, today, is an accomplished woodworker.

This began when Gregory was introduced to his grandparent’s neighbor Pasty Williams.  Gregory watched Patsy making crosses on a saw.  Gregory felt that it would be great for him to work on crosses too. Pasty began to teach Gregory woodworking. Initially, they began making simple things before they progressed to harder cuts and designs. After those lessons, Gregory was able to turn that interest to his full-time work selling his art.

Gregory has developed his woodworking business across Texas and sells online through his official website and Facebook account. People can get in contact with Gregory, view his art and interact with him. He is presently active in joining art shows and festivals and uses social media for his customers to link up with him and view his work. “It makes me very happy to make friends, family and customers smile when they see my work.” said Gregory, “They are amazed, and it makes me smile. I make a lot of friends at art festivals when they come to my booth.”

Gregory is successful in his woodworking business because of his passion for it. His story is an inspiration to succeeding in life, despite difficulties.  For more information on Gregory, go to