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Florida’s Gardiner Scholarship Makes Autism Therapies and Educational Services Accessible at The Els Center of Excellence

Individualized education plans available for parents and healthcare providers

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Jessica Weber, Ph.D., BCBA

Behavior Services Coordinator

Els for Autism Foundation



JUPITER, Fla. (July 1, 2016) – The Els for Autism Foundation, located in Jupiter, Florida, is now a provider of the Gardiner Scholarship program. Through this state-funded program, school-aged children with autism will have greater access to affordable individualized therapy services offered by the clinical team at The Els Center of Excellence.

The Gardiner Scholarship program (formerly known as the PLSA) provides funds on a first-come, first-serve basis for children with special needs, including children with autism. With this scholarship parents and healthcare providers can set up a personalized education plan for their child by combining different programs and approved providers.

Els for Autism provides the most up-to-date evidence-based interventions, as well as a wide range of support services for families. Scholarship recipients can incorporate the Foundation’s behavioral and therapeutic services into their individualized plan using the Gardiner Scholarship. Services available include behavioral and speech language therapy, educational interventions and tutoring and summer camp.

Early intervention and treatment, as well as appropriate educational experiences, lead to improved life outcomes for individuals with autism. Children as young as three and as old as 22 years, with an IEP or formal diagnosis, are eligible for this scholarship. The average amount of scholarship money for the 2016-2017 school year is $10,000, though it varies by county and grade level. Parents can apply for the scholarship at


About The Els for Autism Foundation

The Els for Autism Foundation was established in 2009 to help people on the autism spectrum fulfill their potential to lead positive, productive and rewarding lives. In August 2015, the Foundation opened The Els Center of Excellence, which includes a public charter school and conference center with auditorium to disseminate best practices in education and therapy worldwide. Once completed, The Els Center of Excellence will provide a game-changing educational program incorporating the critical components of early intervention, medical and professional services, transition and adult services, and Ernie Els #GameON Autism Golf™.

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Media Contact:

Jackie Gilliland

Marketing Associate

Els for Autism Foundation