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Margie Lee - Artist Showcase

New Featured Artist in The Pavilion: Margie-Lee Rodriguez

Margie-Lee Rodriguez

Born in Puerto Rico in 1966, Margie-Lee was a “normal” but hyperactive infant.  At age 2 she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which explains her slurred speech.  She did not talk until age 10 and was diagnosed as “severely” mentally retarded.  She started grade school at 13 and graduated from 9th grade at 21.  Her father did not let her attend high school for fear of how normal kids would treat her.  Kept home, she stayed in her room drawing and reading dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Her father died in 1996 and then it was just Margie-Lee and her 73-year-old mother.  They lived like hermits, having very little contact with the outside world.  Her mother died January 1, 2009, and her sister from West Palm Beach, where Margie-Lee has been living took charge of her.  She has blossomed into a “seriously” talented individual capable of creating beautiful works of art, ceramics, and jewelry.  She is a constant student at VSA Florida (Very Special Arts), works at PB HAB CENTER, is a SPECIAL OLYMPICS ATHLETE and a member of ARTISTS WITH AUTISM.  On the Aspergers Autism Spectrum, she is high-functioning but will never be considered normal due to developmental delays in processing information and certain behavioral characteristics.  Art is her passion. For additional information contact:

A sample of Margie-Lee’s artwork on display in the Pavilion and for sale