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Celebrating Rock Stars in the Autism Community for Autism Awareness Month

Celebrating Our Rock Stars of Autism For Autism Awareness Month!

Each year, the Els for Autism Foundation holds “Awe in Autism”, a live showcase of individuals with autism with a variety of special talents.  The event is held at The Els Center of Excellence, however, due to safety measures in place for COVID-19, we’re highlighting three personalities you must know here on the blog. They are 3 creatives with “Rock Star” potential in the Autism Community.

1st Rock Star: Alexi Go Go

From Pompano Beach in South Florida, is a band by the name of The Bango Bangos, a combination of 80s bands The Bangles and The Go Gos, which is a tribute band to decades of women who have rocked! While Lana Wise – Guitar/Backing Vocals, Lenore Goldman – Bass/Backing Vocals and Astrid Voxx – Lead Vocals/Drums/Guitar are all standouts, the most celebrated unit of the band is actually Astrid’s daughter – Alexi Go Go who also sings lead and is the group’s percussionist. Alexi has always been interested in girl groups and girl bands from an early age, and Astrid could relate to that interest – thus The Bango Bangos were born!

While having an awesome band recreating the sounds of ‘Blondie’, ‘Kim Wilde’, and ‘Garbage’ would seem to be enough, Alexi has autism and it is to the credit of the band that Alexi can be whomever she wants to be, and embrace herself as she should, another fantastic personality in the pantheon!


Q: What does Autism Awareness Month mean to you?

A: To be frank, Autism awareness means simply spreading awareness for the autistic community and rightfully amplifying the voices of those who deal with autism and those who know people that deal with autism.


Q: How has autism influenced your work?

A: Being on the spectrum has motivated me to keep pursuing my work and I’ve been told that my autism allows me to provide a very unique perspective on things on the world. Though there are obvious downs like being socially awkward, being into a bit unorthodox things and having a bit of a “childish” demeanor, my autism doesn’t really hinder me and having it actually served as a form of motivation to keep pursuing my work regardless.


Q: What would you say to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

A: To anyone who wants to “follow in my footsteps” I simply wish for them to try and stay positive and to not be afraid. Autism can be tough but every human has beauty within them and anyone who is dealing with autism, if someone wants to pursue anything I wish them nothing but happiness and to never give up.

Check out their web site:

Follow on Facebook:

Interview with Alexi Go Go:



2nd Rock Star of Autism: Andrew Blitman

Andrew Blitman uses his thoughtfulness and knowledge of the beauty of our world to create books filled with poetry and his own artwork. He also is a member of our Advisory Board and was featured in our virtual gallery as his love of painting becomes recognized by the greater public. Currently he works as a tutor/mentor at Firewall Centers

Q: What does Autism Awareness Month mean to you?

A: Autism Awareness Month is a time of conversation, community, advocacy, and hope. I believe that its role is to remind people with autism like me that they are not alone — that there are millions of other people facing the blessings and challenges that autism presents to them as a difference as well as a disability –, even though every case of autism is unique to each person who lives with it. Autism Awareness Month provides opportunities for me to share my experiences with autism, to help people who do not have autism understand what it is like to have it. Autism Awareness Month also gives me hope and peace of mind that people with autism and people without autism will be able to meet each other in the middle ground and collaborate as equals.


Q: How has autism influenced your work?

A: Autism has most influenced my poetry and my writing — those things taught me how to express myself clearly and gave me many topics to write about. My experiences with autism have also pushed me to force myself through my limitations, and given me bursts of intensity that have allowed me to create complex written works and visual art pieces in short, hyper-focused periods of time, when much of the work comes out intact — almost completely unchanged between the first image and the final product.


Q: What would you say to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

A: The most important thing I would say to someone who wants to follow in my footsteps is to persevere through every trial that life throws at them because life is precious even in the worst moments, that no matter how far you fall there is success and insight in the struggle that leads to growth, redemption, resilience, and the empathy that will give you the ability to lead others with similar negative experiences to victory over them. I must also stress that one must first be able to cultivate himself/herself before leading others (i.e.: that self-care and self-compassion must come first), and that there is no shame in asking for help.


Enjoy his web site filled with poetry, his artwork, and other writings –

And read our review of one of his animal-themed Poetry books here –


3rd Rock Star of Autism: Stephen ‘Mr. Hollywood’ Lepore

Mr. Hollywood has been a popular fixture of our Foundation for years, especially for his unwavering optimism and amiable personality. He has not only been very talented as an actor in our theater program, but he is also a very talented singer and scriptwriter. He got nominated for the 2020 Autism Spectrum Award too! We are still hoping for a movie to be made of “The Adventures of Stephen Lepore”.


Q: What does Autism Awareness Month mean to you?

A: Love seeing all the support and awareness out there! It means people are understanding that I am no different than they are.


Q: How has autism influenced your work?

A: My ability to create soap names comes easy to me because I remember so much. It’s easy for me to manage the work. My intention to detail is very good. Therefore, I am able to catch mistakes.


Q: What would you say to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

A: Come on! Anyone can do anything they want. We all just do it differently. Making my soaps is like therapy for me. It’s very relaxing and relieves stress. I meet so many different people selling my soaps. And if they don’t know about Autism when they meet me, they do now. I help my community and spread awareness as I go.


To buy Stephen’s soaps you can find them here:

Follow his business on Facebook:[%252Ffacebook]

Stephen is one of many personalities who have found love in our theater program which I wrote about here: