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Category: Blog

Els for Autism Foundation stands united with autism organizations worldwide

Els for Autism Foundation stands united with autism organizations worldwide in reminding our community that autism affects each person differently, and misconceptions can increase prejudice toward the vast majority who are peaceful and productive members of society. Recent statements from the Autism Society and Autism Speaks: Autism Society Autism Speaks

“Boy” Wonder: A review that flies into space

Author: Merrick Egber (November 30th, 2017) I’m an open person when it comes to movies. I may be a single 31 year old man with no kids, but if an animated movie or a family movie comes out with good reviews, I’ll go and see it, no matter what others think. Sure, the viewing audience […]

Nobody Knows What It’s Like: My Review of “The Good Doctor”

Author: Merrick Egber (October 5th, 2017) An attempt at a spoiler free review. Disclaimer: This review only covers the first two episodes, “Pilot – Burnt Food”, and “Mount Rushmore” Through better strategies to assess and treat children with autism, it is time for some empowerment stories of autism told through the lens of cinema and […]

Eighteen Candles: My Review of Atypical

Author: Merrick Egber (September 19th, 2017) An attempt at a spoiler-free review. You may remember me saying that the only autistic representation in the media that I knowingly indulged in was “Rain Man”, sometimes I feel like it is way too personal to go out of my way to watch. This late summer, early fall […]

The History of Autism Part III: Present History

Author: Merrick Egber (July 19, 2017) On a moonlit night, on June 19th, 1986, a child was born to a couple. Like the hit playing on the radio before my arrival, the first “Invisible Touch” had happened. While I was moving through the pre-existential cosmos, unaware of a new stage in my life as a […]

The History of Autism Part II – Troubled Bits

  Full disclosure: The author of this piece is Jewish. Author: Merrick Egber (June 20, 2017)  With a tip of the hat to Alex Plank, my journey through the history of autism began when I saw John Donvan and Caren Zucker being interviewed for their recent best-selling book called “In a Different Key: The History […]

The History of Autism Part I – Origins of Autism

Author: Merrick Egber (May 2, 2017) photo: Dr. Leo Kanner In 1911 a Swiss psychiatrist known as Dr. Eugene Bleuler made a startling discovery. While studying individuals with schizophrenia, a term he coined, he noticed that many of those same patients had related symptoms that he hadn’t diagnosed before. These patients seemed entirely withdrawn, oblivious […]

Breaking the Stereotype – A review of In My Words: Stories of an Autistic Boy

Author: Merrick Egber (March 30th, 2017) I was given a well-liked book, In My Words: Stories of an Autistic Boy, to review. Following 22-year-old Robbie Clark, the book chronicles the growth of an autistic individual from birth at a Baton Rouge hospital to his current life in Huntsville, Alabama. It’s a short book – 109 pages […]

Double the Insight: An Interview with Alex Plank of Wrong Planet

Author: Merrick Egber (February 21, 2017) On April 28th of this year, Els for Autism is going to help celebrate the end of Autism Awareness Month by hosting the inaugural Autism Innovations & Global Impact Conference: The State of the Science which will see a team of leaders all devoted to explaining the current state […]